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A cruise on the Nile is the highlight of any visit to Egypt. You simply can't miss this wonderful experience.

You board your comfortable modern Nile cruise boat in Luxor or Aswan and cruise the river for several days, passing timeless Nile-side villages, stopping at great temples for a tour and a bit of shopping, and just enjoying the relaxing atmosphere on the boat.

One-way cruises lasting four days (three nights) or five days (four nights) traditionally start in either Luxor or Aswan, and stop at several temples along the Nile including Edfu and Kom Ombo, passing through the locks at Esna along the way.

(For a full-week cruise, you can stay on board and return to the town where you started, although the stops will probably be the same.

  Chefs on Nile Cruise Boat, Egypt
  Cruise boat chefs
serve you well

The boats are actually floating luxury hotels, and in fact you will use your boat as your hotel for at least a night or two at either Aswan or Luxor.

Nile cruising resembles ocean cruising in that you lead a pampered lifestyle in a comfortable stateroom and elegant public spaces, with an accommodating staff and all services.

But unlike ocean cruising, seasickness is never a problem on the Nile, as there are no waves. A Nile cruise is more interesting because you are always within sight of the riverbanks lined with palm trees, fruit orchards, farmers' fields, villages and towns and, behind them, Egypt's endless deserts.

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Nile Cruise Boat, Egypt
Above, a cruise boat on the Nile.
Below, a timeless Nile scene.

Boatmen on the Nile, Egypt