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Ever since I went to Egypt to write the Berlitz Guide to Egypt, I've been under the spell of this ancient/modern mystical country, so now I'm developing

Here's a preview: cruise on the Nile.

Most people go for the history: Cairo, Alexandria, the Nile, Luxor, Aswan, Abu Simbel—and the art of 5000 years.

But there's lot more to Egypt: a culture crafted over thousands of years from the times of the pharaohs and Cleopatra through the Greek and Roman eras, the Arab and Fatimid periods, the Ottoman Empire, khedivial kingdom, British protectorate, and the modern republic.

Though much of Egypt's area is desert, it's good to remember that in Roman times Egypt was the granary of the empire. (In Turkish, the word for "corn" and "Egypt" are the same.)

And despite—or perhaps because of—the sand, there is natural beauty aplenty.

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—Tom Brosnahan

Cruise on the Nile





Felucca Yacht Cleopatra, Egypt

Cruise on the Nile: what could be better?